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napište nám

 VOD-DOG.cz - boat rental

As one of the few boat rental companies on the Berounce River, we specialize in the complete provision of boating events, for individuals and larger groups, schools and companies. We offer rental of quality boating equipment, passenger transport, boat transport, drop-off from collection points, luggage transport, consultancy.

Thanks to the location, our boat rental company is the most suitable for renting a boat on Berounk. Our headquarters is approx. 5 km from a convenient starting point on the Berounce river, where we will be happy to bring you the boats from the rental company. If you rent a boat from us, we can arrange for you to drop off and pick up the boat, including you, at the place you specify. Popular starting points for our customers on the Berounce River are the Camp near Dolanské mostu, the Kobylka camp in Liblín or U Mloka near the village of Trímany.

Název Položky Cena za 1 den Cena za 2-3 dny Cena za 4 a více dnů
Kánoe Vydra + pádla600 Kč/den450 Kč/den400 Kč/den
Kanoe Samba pro 2 osoby + pádla600 Kč/den490 Kč/den450 Kč/den
Kanoe Samba pro 3 osoby + pádla700 Kč/den590 Kč/den530 Kč/den
Raft pro 4 osoby + pádla1 300 Kč/den1 100 Kč/den1 000 Kč/den
Raft pro 6 osob + pádla1 400 Kč/den1 200 Kč/den1 100 Kč/den